Siskiyou Habitat Board of Directors
Doing the Heavy Lifting

We have a strong cadre of volunteers who serve on the Siskiyou Habitat Board of Directors and lead us in our many efforts. We as an organization look to these amazing people to provide wisdom in policy creation and funding resources, and the necessary time and skills to open doors of opportunity with sponsors, donors, and volunteers.

The Board works side by side with our other volunteers doing the work that it takes to make needed repairs, manage donations, and build homes.  We count on them to lead and to do!

We hope you will be excited and delighted with us. We envision many, many ways we could serve our current families even more and expand our reach to serve countless other working families who dream of a home where children can safely play, study, and share a brighter future because they have a place to call home.

All of this is possible because of your support.  For all of that, and more, we are truly grateful.

Do YOU have a desire to help build an organization? The Siskiyou Habitat for Humanity welcomes you and your ideas and skills. We are looking for new people, young and seasoned, to join our Board of Directors. No experience required. Give us a call, lets talk about the possibilities!  Download and fill out the application, we will contact you!

Pat is our Executive Director and serves on our Executive, Community Relations, By-law, Fundraising, and Family Selection Committees.

Pat Vela Executive Director

Brenda is our Volunteer Coordinator.

Brenda Duchi Volunteer Coordinator

Vic is our Vice President and serves on our Building and Warehouse Committees.

Victor Neu Vice President

Ben is our Treasurer and serves on our Family Selection Committee.

Ben Woodruff Treasurer

Stefan is our Secretary and serves on our Building Committee.

Stefan Patricevic Secretary

Cade serves on our Building Committee.

Cade Pendley Board Member

Harry serves on our Fundraising, Church Relations, Building, and Volunteer Committees.

Harry Shannon Board Member

Michael is our Warehouse Manager and serves on our Construction Committee.

Michael Spiess Warehouse Manager

Linda is a Board Members and also manages opening both Stores every Saturdays and Sunday.

Linda Shumate Board Member